CA Sunil Sethi

CA Sunil Sethi who has done his B.Com & M.B.A. and then decided to crack the “CA” course and he has succeeded and become “CA” with his dedication and zeal towards his goal.

Now, he is into the Academics world to provide various learning techniques, based on his knowledge and experience. He is working in the area of Memory sharpness skills and techniques.

With such confidence and his continuous efforts, He converted the toughest book of CA final (ISCA) & CA-IPC (ITSM) into such manner to make it very easy to grasp its contents and implement into various segments of academics. Many of the students are getting wonderful results by applying these techniques into their academics and benefitted with wonderful results.

Under the guidance of CA Sunil Sethi’s Memory enhancing techniques till now 205+ students have attained 60+ marks in ISCA.

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