Ultimate Book of Accountancy – Volume I, II & III Class XII (CBSE) – (Edition 2020) By Dr. Vinod Kumar



  •  Chapter wise Support Material for Teachers.
  •  Learn and Understand Accounting Tips and Tricks Step by Step.
  •  Complete Treatment of Each and Every Item with examples.
  • Hidden & Unknown facts of Accounting.
  •  MCQ’s, HOTS, Accountancy challenge.
  •  Last 15 Years Board Questions (Modified as per new syllabus)
  •  Ultimate Accountancy worksheets/Assignments (Chapter wise).
  •  Multi-Disciplinary Questions.
  •  Questions with Missing Figures.



  1.  Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organisations
  2.  Basics of Partnership
  3.  Goodwill : Meaning & Valuation
  4.  Reconstitution of Partnership ( Change in Profit Sharing Ratio among the existing Partners)
  5.  Admission of a Partner
  6.  Retirement of a Partner
  7.  Death of Partner
  8.  Dissolution of Firm
  9.  Company Accounts (Issue of Shares)
  10.  Forfeiture of Shares
  11.  Re-issue of Forfeited Shares
  12.  Issue of Debentures
  13.  Redemption of Debenture
  14.  Financial Statements of a Company
  15.  Analysis of Financial Statements
  16.  Tools for Financial Statements Analysis
  17.  Accounting Ratios
  18.  Cash Flow Statements

Multiple Choice Questions/True or False/Fill in the Blanks

Sample Question Papers 1 & 2

Author: Dr. Vinod Kumar

Publishers: S. Vinesh & Co.

Sister Concern: S. Dinesh & Co.


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