Ultimate Book of Accountancy Class XII CBSE (Volume I) By Dr. Vinod Kumar


Why This Book is Unique & Ultimate

  • Competency Based Questions
  • Case Studies/Case Based/Solution Based Questions
  • Chapter-wise Support Material for Teachers
  • Ultimate Accountancy Worksheets
  • Chapter-wise Self Assessment Test
  • Learn & Understand Accounting Tips & Tricks Step by Step
  • Complete Treatment of Each and Every Item with Examples
  • Hidden & Unknown facts of Accounting
  • MCQ’s, HOT’s, Accounting challenge
  • Important Board Questions (Modified as per New Syllabus)
  • Complete Theory Package with Answers
  • OR Code inside for Additional Study Material & Time to time CBSE Updates



  1.  Financial Statements of Not for Profit Organisations
  2. Accounting for Partnership Firms (Fundamentals)
  3. Goodwill: Meaning & Valuation
  4. Change in Profit Sharing Ratio among the existing Partners ( Reconstitution of Partnership)
  5. Admission of a Partner
  6. Retirement of a Partner
  7. Death of Partner
  8. Dissolution of Partnership Firm
  • Self Assessment Tests (1-6)
  • Answers to Self Assessment Tests


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