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Ultimate Book of Accountancy Class XI (CBSE) – (Edition 2020) By Dr. Vinod Kumar

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  •  Accountancy worksheets for Practice.
  • Simple to Advance Level of Accounting.
  • Step by Step treatment to each and every item with examples.
  • Tips and Tricks of Accounting.
  • Notes for Teachers.
  • High Quality Illustrations and Unsolved Questions.
  • MCQ’s, HOTS, Missing Figure Questions.
  • Complete Theory Package with Answers.
  • Hidden and Unknown facts of Accounting.



  1.  Introduction to Accounting
  2.  Theory Base of Accounting (Accounting Terminology)
  3.  Accounting Principles (Concepts & Conventions)
  4. IFRS/Accounting Standards & Bases of Accounting
  5.  Business Transactions and Source Documents- Vouchers
  6.  Accounting Equation
  7.  Rules of Debit and Credit
  8.  Preparation of Journal
  9. Preparation of Ledger
  10.  Trial Balance
  11.  Special Purpose Books (Cash Book)
  12.  Special Purpose Books- Other Books (Subsidiary Books)
  13. Bank Reconciliation Statement
  14. Rectification of Errors
  15.  Depreciation
  16.  Provisions & Reserves
  17.  Bills of Exchange
  18.  Financial Statements (without Adjustments)
  19.  Financial Statements (with Adjustments)
  20.  Accounts of Incomplete Records (Single Entry System)
  21.  Computers in Accounting (AIS and MIS)

Author: Dr. Vinod Kumar

Publisher: S. Vinesh & Co.

Sister Concern: S. Dinesh & Co.



1 review for Ultimate Book of Accountancy Class XI (CBSE) – (Edition 2020) By Dr. Vinod Kumar

  1. SUNIL

    Best Book for Accountancy for class 11th. Great Content and quality. Hidden and unknown facts with simple explanation.

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