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This course has been designed as per CMA Inter Grp -2 Examination Exclusively.

Study NON-STOP with SJC, now you will get Unlimited views on 

Strategic Management Group 2 by CA Satish Jalan Sir till your exam term.

Relevant for Dec 22 Attempt.

Watch this video to know about the subject:

Course Coverage

Strategic Management of CMA Inter Exam.

Course Duration

21 hours (approx)

Course Language

Blend of Hindi and English.

Study Material

One Volume of Study Material will be provided in Hard Copy

  1. 1Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 & 11 with the latest updates.

  1. Supported on Laptop only. The application will not run on desktops.
  2. 4GB RAM and Minimum 100 MB hard disk space.
  3. Graphic card driver up to date.
  4. Media features and windows media player should be available.
  5. Some AMD processors are not supported.

System Requirements for Android Application

  1. Application is supported in Android version 4.4 and above with a minimum of 2 GB RAM.
  2. You may also access the application on Android tablets but some models might not be supported. We recommend you to use the application on Android Mobile devices only.
  3. iOS/MacBook: This application is not supported in iPhone/iPad/MacBook. However, the windows application can run in a MacBook with Windows OS

Unlimited Views Valid till exam term

You can watch the videos an unlimited number of times till your exam term. For example, you have opted for Dec 22 exams then you can watch the video an unlimited number of times till  Dec 22 exams

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