SCMPE (Regular)- Group-2 – CA Final (Batch No. 21 A) By CA Satish Jalan




Available in Download Mode and Pendrive Mode

Applicable for Nov 22, May 23 & Nov 23 Exams.

Highlights of the new batch are –

  1. No mixing with CMA or CA Old Syllabus.
  2. All questions from ICAI New Syllabus resources only.
  3. All questions source (e.g. RTP May 21, etc) duly marked beside each question.
  4. The portions that are for knowledge purposes have been highlighted separately so that you do not stress much upon them before your exam.
  5. All questions synchronized in one place. No need of referring to multiple books for the same chapter, unless more new questions are added by ICAI until your exam term.
  6. Writing practice of few case studies in class to emphasize how to write.
  7. More real-world examples – even in the Indian context.
  8. Referring to ICAI Mat periodically in the class to retaliate and to cover up any left-outs.
  9. Personalised one-to-one online meeting sessions.
  10. Continuous pestering of exam scoring points for the answers given by ICAI.

SJC is known for its heartful spirit of keeping students as their first priority.

For CA aspirants, we are very much committed to cover 100% of their syllabus in all the subjects we teach and our students recognize us for this.

SCMPE subject is taught by Satish Jalan Sir (CA, CMA (UK), CS). He is revered for his forte in Costing and FM.

He simplifies the concepts in a storytelling approach which makes the learning atmosphere fun-loving and light. The concepts delivered in the class are definitely exam focussed as well as they are focused to improve your critical thinking. It also elevates your approach towards your life and its challenges.

We just never deliver a concept by merely reading the material. It’s all by creating a situation and develop your thinking abilities. This prepares you in a manner that you are ever ready for your exams. Though, practice is a must to be able to master the concepts.

The current exam pattern is compelling the students to be more thoughtful than to prefer rote learning. It is possible to create an infinite number of case studies that can be always different from one another, whereas it is impossible to study all the case studies for the exam. This culture is common in International Professional Exams as well as in B School Exams. We are glad to have that curriculum now in our CA Course also.

This new pattern can only be handled with a sound understanding of the concepts and discussions on its applications in a way that enlightens your mind to start the thinking process along with a practice of writing your thoughts in a presentable manner.

And, this is the theme of this batch.

You will also get access to Revision Classes through our Youtube Channel.

Lectures available in both Android Mobile / Windows Laptop.

Full video backup will be available for each class after its live class.

Course Coverage :

Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation of CA Final (New) Exam.

No. of Lectures :

85 -95 lectures

Course Duration :

 283 Hours (Approx)

Course Language :

Blend of Hindi and English.

Study Materials :

All Study Materials will be provided in Hard Copy.

System Requirements for Windows Application

  1. Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 & 11 with the latest updates.
  2. Supported on Laptop only. The application will not run on desktops.
  3. 4GB RAM and Minimum 100 MB hard disk space.
  4. Graphic card driver up to date.
  5. Media features and windows media player should be available.
  6. Some AMD processors are not supported.

    System Requirements for Android Application

  7. Application is supported in Android version 4.4 and above with a minimum of 2 GB RAM.
  8. You may also access the application on Android tablets but some models might not be supported. We recommend you to use the application on Android Mobile devices only.
  9. iOS/MacBook: This application is not supported in iPhone/iPad/MacBook. However, the windows application can run in a MacBook with Windows OS.

Views and Validity

You will get 1.5 views for each video. You can watch the videos 1.5 times as per the video duration. Views depend on the duration of the video which you have watched. If a video is of sixty minutes, you can watch it for ninety minutes by opening it any number of times.

The maximum validity of the course is 2 years from the date when the serial key is assigned for your course on your laptop.

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