CMA Inter – Financial Management and Data Analytics By CA Gaurav Kabra (Dec. 24/June 25)



Course Description: This course is a Recorded (3x/Unlimited Views) Batch for CMA Intermediate (2022 Syllabus) – December 2024 & June 2025 term.

Applicable for: Dec 2024 & June 2025.

Instructor: Gourav Kabra.

Duration: 90-100 Hours.

Language: Hindi + English.

Views: 3x/Unlimited.

Inclusions: 1 Hard Copy Book + Handouts (PDFs) + Video Lectures.

Mode of Delivery: App/Google Drive.

Choice of Device: Windows PC/Laptop or Android Phone.

Doubt Solving: Over WhatsApp/Telegram.

Mocks: 1 Full Length MTP.

Validity: Valid till exam term or days opted – whichever is earlier.

Extension Policy: Fee of ₹ 3,000 per paper for extension till next exam cycle or ₹ 1,000 per paper per month.

Syllabus for CMA Inter – FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT & BUSINESS DATA ANALYTICS (Paper 11) is as follows:

1. Introduction to Financial Management

2. Time Value of Money

3. Institutions and Instruments in Financial Markets

4. Ratio Analysis (including comparative statement analysis)

5. Cash & Fund Flow Statement

6. Cost of Capital

7. Capital Budgeting

8. Working Capital

9. Capital Structure

10. Leverage

11. Dividend Decisions

12. Introduction to Data Science

13. Data Processing, Organising, Cleaning & Validation

14. Data Presentation

15. Data Analysis & Modelling

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Google Drive with Hard Copy


Dec. 2024, June 2025


3 Times, Unlimited


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