CA Inter Advanced Accounting + Auditing & Assurance (Combo) By CA Sarthak Jain




CA Inter Auditing & Assurance and Advanced Accounting New Batch by CA. Sarthak Jain. 100% coverage of new ICAI Study Material for 2022 with RTP, MTP and Past Exam Questions.

Auditing and Assurance

Batch Recorded – Dec 2021 to Mar. 2022

Number of Lectures- 30 Lectures.

Total Duration- 115 Hours Approx.

Books – Total 4 Volumes of Coloured Books. 1 – AuditShashtra Vol1 and 2 (Detailed Notes), 2 – Questionarth (Question Bank Covering ICAI SM 2022 and RTP, MTP, Exam Questions with Answers), – MCQ Book, 4 – Multi-coloured Drone Charts for CA Inter Audit.


Advanced Accounting

Batch Recorded – Dec 2021 to March 2022

Number of Lectures : 30 + 14 additional lectures of AS

Total Duration : 160 hours

Books – Total 4 Books. 1 – Striker Advanced Accounts – Question Bank and Practice Book, 2 – Striker AS – Question Bank and Practice Book for AS (with full coverage of new ICAI Study Material for 2022 with all RTP, MTP and Past Exam Questions)., 3 – Brahmastra, Multicoloured self-study handwritten notebook style book for all chapters of Advanced Accounts except AS. Very popular book of CA Final now introduced for CA Inter, 4 – Drone Charts AS, Multicoloured charts with comprehensive coverage of AS.

Modes – Online Download / Pen Drive / Android

Relevant for – Nov 2022 & onwards

Validity – (For GD/PD/Android Mode)- Earlier of 8 months or 2 Views. Views counted as per minutes watched and not on click. Speed Viewing permitted.

System Requirement :

For Laptop :

  • GD/PD videos are only available for Windows laptop. (Windows version must be Win 7 Ultimate or higher).
  • It will not run on the Desktop or PC or IOS devices

For Mobile (Android only) :

  • It will NOT Run on MOTOROLA devices.
  • Android version 6.0 or higher will be required.

Laptop and Android version are not interchangeable in any case.

Management reserves the right to suspend lectures on account of any security or copyright concerns

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