CA Final (New Course) Paper-1: Financial Reporting By CA Sarthak Jain (Regular Batch) (Hinglish)



FR Reguar Batch conducted as per the New Course of ICAI

Batch Details – FR 

Batch Type – Regular Batch

Lectures – FR- 89

Duration- FR – 275 Hours

Accessible – on Windows Laptop / Android Mobile (Single device only)

Relevant – for May/Nov 24 & May/Nov 25 attempt

Books – For Both FR & Audit – Full Course Brahmastra (coloured concept book) + Question Bank (with Audio/Video PoD solution of every Que) + MCQ Book

Test – 5 tests would be taken with the batch & 1 full test with evaluation also

Availability in GD/PD – This batch is available in GD & PD Mode with 1.5 view & 24 Months Validity. PD will be available after batch completion.

Validity of Backup for the live batch will be for 6 months.

System Requirement:

For GD/PD:

  • Windows laptop. (Windows version must be Win 8 or higher with 4GB RAM).
  • It will not run on the Desktop or PC or IOS devices

Management reserves the right to suspend lectures on account of any security or copyright concerns.

Please go through our purchase policy available at and

Views are counted as per files.

Additional information


Google Drive, Pen Drive

Views & Validity

1.2 Views – 12 Months, 1.5 Views – 24 Months


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